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A Parody of the Resume of One Thomas Lehman, AIA*

2009 to 2015 A.D.           

…at which time I was in the employ of the architectural and engineering firm of Ballinger of the City of Philadelphia, Penna.

…in which I gained a personal understanding of micro-management

…in which I managed sundry large commercial projects for a very serious work place.


2015 to 2016 A.D.           

…at which time I was employed by the National Design /Build firm of CRB in Plymouth Meeting, Penna.

…in which I learnt to move on.


 2016 to Present                     

…at which time I contemplated my calling and through a series of pre-ordained and fortuitous events founded:

                                            ThomasLehman Design . Build  . Make

…in which I attained to the multi-various positions of Founder, Owner, Chief Executive Officer, Chief Financial Officer,, Administrator, Designer, Draftsman, Custodian and “Gopher”

…in which I pursued my multitudinous passions in Art, Architecture, Design and Construction

…in which I now live to take the Journey…


*Disclaimer:  The resume which you have just read for Thomas Lehman, AIA is a parody of my actual resume for the purpose of entertainment.  It is a factual presentation of my professional affiliation with the American Institute of Architects (AIA), education, employers, dates of employment, position, licensure and abbreviated list of responsibilities. The characters, company descriptions and incidents portrayed in this resume are fictitious.  No identification of actual persons, companies, places, buildings and product is intended nor should be inferred. If you are interested in my professional credentials, please follow the link below to download my actual resume, project list and portfolio; and to view my Linked-In profile.  References are always provided upon request.

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