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This beautiful stone wall was hit by a car and the owners wanted it repaired.  



  • Mortared, random, field stone wall 

  • Major stone content is Wissahickon schist, a storied local stone with silver/brown garnet, mica and quartzite in its composition

  • According to neighbors that have lived in the community since it was built,the walls were laid by Italian masons (and it shows!).  There was no evident movement in the wall after 60+ years.



  • Restored using traditional building methods

  • Repair materials included salvaged stone from the existing wall, supplemented from neighbor's salvaged stock; mortar was a traditional mix of sand and portland cement to match the existing

  • Every attempt was made to match the patterning, size and color distribution of the existing wall



  • A beautifully restored wall to match the historic quality of teh existing wall!

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